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Eppiscopal Church Icon St Ann's by-the-Sea Entrance SignWelcome! 

Thanks for checking out our website. We hope you will be our guest soon.

What can I expect on my first visit to St. Ann’s?
You may not have seen us up close until you turned in today off Spring Street and we are glad you came. Our church door is red. An usher will give you a service bulletin when you walk in the church and you can sit wherever you would like.

Generally, you stand to sing (except the psalm) and stand, or sit to pray. What can I say – we like choices. We sit to listen to the sermon and the lessons from the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament. Our service is about 50-60 minutes. Feel free to enjoy coffee and pastries or rolls after the service on the deck or inside if the weather is bad.

Can I take  Communion?
Yes, as an Episcopal parish we encourage all those who are baptized to receive communion. If you desire to receive the bread, hold out your hands. When the cup of wine is presented, hold it gently at the bottom and help guide the chalice toward your lips. If you seek a blessing only, cross your arms across your chest. Children may receive with parental consent. We come forward to receive communion at St. Ann’s and often form a semi-circle to receive the bread and wine.

What do you call the priests?
At some Episcopal churches, priests are called Father or Mother or Reverend, but at St. Ann’s we call our priest/vicar by her baptized or first name, Eileen.

What do I wear?
Khaki is popular, jeans, dresses, sport shirts, shorts, an occasional hat, and suits are popular attire at St. Ann’s. Children are all over the map with their clothing preferences and are always welcome, whatever they wear.

Is the church accessible for wheelchairs?
We have a ramp and our building is on one level. The restroom is accessible.

How do I find out more about the church?
Feel free to contact our parish administrator, Erica Tonner (401-466-2911, Tues. , Wed. & Fri. 10 am – 4 pm). If you would like to talk to a priest, call Rev. Eileen Lindeman 650-207-1315 (cell) or at St. Ann’s 401-466-2911. 

Whom do I contact if I am interested in baptism, reconciliation of a penitent, or for marriage counseling?
Talk with our vicar, Rev. Eileen. Baptism is held during a regular worship service, usually at All Saints’ Sunday in November, the Baptism of Our Lord in January, Easter in March/April, and Pentecost in May/June. Other dates for baptism can be arranged as needed for pastoral reasons.